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Hi! I am Daniel Quartararo! I have been playing music since the age of three, and have spent about the past two years learning to be led by the Holy Spirit while playing and writing music. I have grown to understand how to focus on Jesus and the movements of the Holy Spirit while I write and perform. I have been diligent to seek the Lord's voice for lyrics. I have been diligent to test the spirits as well. I have been diligent to follow God's will outside of the musical endevors as well so He can teach me and bring me the revelation needed to complete this album in His will and for His glory.

I am battling a perfectionist spirit, but the Lord has grown me much in this area, especially with work on this current album: Hearts of Abundance. This album is inspired by the fruits of the Holy Spirit. It is to exhort, edify, and encourage the Body of Christ. It is also designed to break the hardened heart of the unsaved and the false convert and then to heal that broken heart with the grace of the gospel; just like Jesus did, for Jesus brought grace to the humble and to the hardened, He brought the law as a mirror. He has led me to do the same.

I am very excited for this album! It will not be for sale (in accordance with Proverbs 23:23). I hope you will enjoy it and make many copies for your family and friends as well! May it bless you and those who it touchs and help to guide all who it reaches into a deeper relationship in the Lord, Jesus Christ, in Jesus' mighty and holy name! And God bless you all, in Jesus' mighty name!

Much love, in Christ!!! ❤️💜❤️
-Daniel Quartararo
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